10 Things to Consider Before Outsourcing IT Services

Is Outsourcing IT Services The Right IT Strategy?

This may sound strange coming from a managed service provider, but outsourcing IT services is NOT a quick fix for all your IT problems. Some outsourced IT providers will simply take over what you are doing yourself. Sure, you will get rid of some tech headaches, but will your business really be in the best…

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Cash Out: How to Maximize ROI on Your Microsoft Structure

Maximize ROI on Your Microsoft Structure

The goal of using the Microsoft structure as your technology solution is to save your business time and money. A 2019 Microsoft commissioned study found that using just Azure Sentinel delivers 201 percent ROI over 3 years and a payback of less than 6 months. Here are three ways to optimize your environment to maximize…

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Why Working in the Cloud is the New Norm

Working in the Cloud is the New Norm

Although the first part of our name is “Sky,” we actually have a physical office location: two of them, to be exact. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, our work environment had to shift home starting in the spring of 2020. After more than a year of tragic loss and unforeseen triumphs, some businesses are…

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How to Brand Your O365 Deployment

How To Brand Microsoft O365 Sign On

Over the years one of the small things that puts a smile on customer faces is customizing the O365 sign in page with some sort of custom interface rather than the default O365 view of the Santa Monica Freeway. This is not just a branding opportunity to highlight your office space, awards, products or a…

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