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Microsoft Licensing: A How To Guide for Your Business

How to Understand Microsoft Licensing

If the last time you looked at Microsoft licensing or tried any new Office application was when Jennifer Lopez was in her first marriage and The New England Patriots hadn’t ever won a Super Bowl, you’re likely not working or collaborating efficiently, lack mobility, and are well out of range to receive support. Predate that timeframe?…

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Intel’s Vulnerability – What You Need to Know

Intel Vulnerability

    An announcement  from Intel regarding a design flaw and  potential vulnerability has sent shockwaves throughout the business world. This flaw is relative to nearly anyone using a computer. Yes, that’s right – we said ‘anyone.’ It impacts most operating systems (Linux, Mac OS, Windows), but for the purposes of this notice, we are focused on the Microsoft platform.    …

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Project Management: Don’t Forget About the Relationship

SkyTerra Project Management

    During the lifecycle of a project, the project manager will interact with all team members to some degree. During the initial phases, we align on the objectives & deliverables and begin establishing the working relationships that are required for the team to successfully deliver.   Over the years as a professional project manager,…

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What is Bad Rabbit Ransomware?

What is Bad Rabbit

Bad Rabbit Virus: What We Know So Far It’s Halloween and this scary, bad rabbit wants more than candy or carrots. If you haven’t already heard, for the third time this year, a large-scale ransomware outbreak has hopped up on the radar – Bad Rabbit. Starting in Russia and Eastern Europe, it spreads via a…

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