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Need to Know: Multifactor Authentication (MFA) and Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) Registrations are Now a Single Experience

SkyTerra Skinny's Need to Know This Graphic for MFA and SSPR Notice

  What will this feature do? This feature will allow users to register security info for Multifactor Authentication (MFA)and Self-Service Password (SSPR) in a single experience. This means that when a user registers security info such as their phone number, they can use that phone number when they sign in and when they reset their password…

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New Office 365 Assistant – What’s It All About?

Screenshot of Microsoft Office Assistant Chat Window

  What is Office 365 Assistant and what are its benefits? Office 365 Assistant is a support solution available in Office 365 where users can ask questions in a natural and conversational way about any Office 365 workload. It’s available 24×7 to help users quickly find relevant solutions and information, while providing friction-free access to…

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Lock down! Office 365 Group Default is Private

Team of business people having meeting at conference table

  If you create an Office 365 group, it is now private by default. Only the approved members of your organization can be a part of that group and see that group’s content. People who want to join a private group have to be approved by a group owner.   Can a group be changed…

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Microsoft Licensing: A How To Guide for Your Business

How to Understand Microsoft Licensing

If the last time you looked at Microsoft licensing or tried any new Office application was when Jennifer Lopez was in her first marriage and The New England Patriots hadn’t ever won a Super Bowl, you’re likely not working or collaborating efficiently, lack mobility, and are well out of range to receive support. Predate that timeframe?…

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Intel’s Vulnerability – What You Need to Know

Intel Vulnerability

    An announcement  from Intel regarding a design flaw and  potential vulnerability has sent shockwaves throughout the business world. This flaw is relative to nearly anyone using a computer. Yes, that’s right – we said ‘anyone.’ It impacts most operating systems (Linux, Mac OS, Windows), but for the purposes of this notice, we are focused on the Microsoft platform.    …

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