BYOD, Hybrid & Remote Work Support

Secure the tools your workforce uses, wherever they are used.


Whether or not you're aware, people in your organization are likely accessing company data from their smartphones, tablets, personal computers, and various devices. They may also be developing potential weak points for security breaches by downloading unauthorized applications and tools. While these points are scary, the revolution of bring your own device can be beneficial to a company. An organization can reduce costs by limiting the need to purchase hardware. Employees experience greater satisfaction by retaining and using their own personal device, making the process of working much more simplified and productive. We can help you solve the BYOD and mobility equation by placing the right security solutions and services in place, giving you the ability to take advantage of the benefits while maintaining control.

How we can help you secure BYOD and support Mobility

Protect company data.

Monitor oversight of user activity and actively control your company data.

Manage control over BYOD.

Implement processes and tools for the security and management of users' devices. Institute the ability to govern only corporate-owned data on a user's device (independent of their personal files) with on-demand simplicity and speed.

Reduce costs.

Limit or eliminate the need to invest in company-purchased devices.

Prevent shadow IT. 

Mitigate security vulnerabilities resulting from employees downloading unauthorized applications by implementing identity management or single sign-on gateways. This method is a win-win for all; users gain the ability to use their own devices with their personal data remaining separate and confidential, yet businesses gain the control they require.

Are you ready to secure BYOD and support mobility?

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