The Basics of Microsoft Teams for Businesses

Microsoft Teams for Business

What Is Microsoft Teams? Microsoft Teams is  one of Microsoft’s newest applications that allows organizations to connect and collaborate. Not only can it be used as a video conferencing tool but also as a platform to share details, information, files and more with your team. The overall benefit of Microsoft Teams for business is its ability…

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Free Microsoft Teams Training

Microsoft Teams Training

The hub for teamwork in Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams helps your employees work together seamlessly. Get the most out of Teams with these free Microsoft Teams training courses with  experienced Microsoft trainers. You’ll discover the power of Microsoft solutions through this interactive learning environment. Courses cover a range of experience levels and  functions. Microsoft Teams…

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Cash Out: How to Maximize ROI on Your Microsoft Structure

Maximize ROI on Your Microsoft Structure

The goal of using the Microsoft structure as your technology solution is to save your business time and money. A 2019 Microsoft commissioned study found that using just Azure Sentinel delivers 201 percent ROI over 3 years and a payback of less than 6 months. Here are three ways to optimize your environment to maximize…

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