When It Comes to Remote Work, We Eat Our Own Dog Food

As everyone knows, New England, where our headquarters is located, has weather. Lots of weather…. It could be 70 and sunny one day and then a blizzard or a nor’easter the next. Of course, we have a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place if needed like all responsible businesses do, but the truth of the matter is that we work like this every day. We leverage a 100% cloud-based infrastructure to enable our team to work from anywhere, anytime

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SharePoint Online New Features

SkyTerra's Skinny on Data Multiple new features in SharePoint Online self service

  How Will These New SharePoint Online Features Affect You?   1. Modern team site templates are now available for sites not connected to Office 365 Groups. Previously, when Office 365 Group creation in SharePoint Online was disabled, site creators were limited to only creating a “classic” team site. This change lets site creators use…

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New Office 365 Assistant – What’s It All About?

Screenshot of Microsoft Office Assistant Chat Window

  What is Office 365 Assistant and what are its benefits? Office 365 Assistant is a support solution available in Office 365 where users can ask questions in a natural and conversational way about any Office 365 workload. It’s available 24×7 to help users quickly find relevant solutions and information, while providing friction-free access to…

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