Microsoft Security Stack: Office 365 ATP vs. Windows Defender ATP vs. Azure ATP

You’ve spent a lot of time and money building up your business so it’s important to protect its data. Knowing what kind of protection you need is the first step to securing your assets. ATP or Advanced Threat Protection, protects your business against advanced attacks and malicious sites that can be launched from links in Office applications and stops the attackers from accessing your system. The Microsoft Security Stack is designed to identify and filter out threats that make contact with your data. SkyTerra’s Cybersecurity Consulting Services can guide you to the right choice, whether that’s Office 365 ATP or Windows Defender.

Office 365 ATP

This is a cloud-based service that filters through emails, and other collaboration and messaging apps like Sharepoint, Teams and OneDrive, protecting you from unsafe links and attachments. It is automatically included with your Office 365 subscription.

Windows Defender ATP

Windows Defender ATP integrates with Azure ATP but is centered around endpoint protection. Endpoints are the actual devices used in data transmission like computers, smartphones, etc. With Windows Defender, you are able to see the vulnerabilities in your system. It will alert you of any suspicious activity.

Azure ATP

Formerly known as Azure ATP, Microsoft Defender detects and investigates insider threats and stops them from gaining access to your system. It is focused mainly on identity security and designed to track and familiarize itself with user behavior so it can detect anything out of the ordinary. 

It is recommended to use these services together for maximum security for your business.

Get the Right Microsoft Security Stack for Your Business

ATP has you covered against phishing, suspicious log-in attempts, malware and more. Book an appointment with SkyTerra to implement these services into your security plan. Our cybersecurity consulting services keep your business safe without weighing it down.