How to Understand Microsoft Licensing

If the last time you looked at Microsoft licensing or tried any new Office application was when Jennifer Lopez was in her first marriage and The New England Patriots hadn’t ever won a Super Bowl, you’re likely not working or collaborating efficiently, lack mobility, and are well out of range to receive support. Predate that timeframe? Yikes! The Patriots have won the Super Bowl 5 times and JLo is rumored to be working on marriage number 4. I wonder if she’s in a contest with Tom Brady for who gets the most rings?


Microsoft Licensing Explained

Whether it’s been a (really) long time since you’ve needed to purchase a Microsoft license, or you’re ready to digitally transform your business, it’s time to move on. You get yourself primed by grabbing a strong cold brew from Dunkin’ Donuts, ready to conquer the land of Microsoft. But wait, what’s the difference between O365 Business and Microsoft 365 Business? Aren’t they the same thing? Do I own the license if I make a purchase? If you find yourself confused, you’re not alone. Many people have posted articles like these citing similar feelings. But not to worry, we’ve created The Essential Business Guide to Microsoft Licensing – a handy infographic to keep bookmarked for future reference! Here at SkyTerra Technologies, we’re committing to helping businesses navigate the world of Microsoft solutions a little easier by promising to update this guide frequently. Also, here’s a bit more info from Microsoft regarding software licensing for your business. Have more questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us, as an award-winning Microsoft Partner we’re pretty savvy at supporting businesses with their technology.


Microsoft Licensing - A How To Understand Guide for Businesses


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