Screenshot of Microsoft Office Assistant Chat Window


What is Office 365 Assistant and what are its benefits?

Office 365 Assistant is a support solution available in Office 365 where users can ask questions in a natural and conversational way about any Office 365 workload. It’s available 24×7 to help users quickly find relevant solutions and information, while providing friction-free access to assisted support. You can also track your support tickets through this interface by selecting a view from the header. Microsoft continually adds new dialogs and scenarios to the interactive Office 365 Assistant library and assess the effectiveness of their solutions for an improved user experience. Depending on your question, solutions can include configuration insights, incident awareness, content solutions, quick links to actions, and inline diagnostics.


How do I access Office 365 Assistant?

To use the Office 365 Assistant, sign in to Office 365 and click “Need help?” at the bottom of the screen. It’s available in the admin center as well as the Office home page. Type your question – such as “How do I move mail” or “What is Microsoft Teams” and they will connect you with relevant solutions. Use the automated assistant for an interactive experience, or click on “Switch to classic view” for a text-based view.


When will Office 365 Assistant become available?

As of the writing of this post, Microsoft has begun gradually rolling this out to FastTrack organizations, and they anticipate rollout completion by early August, 2018.