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silver cloud productivity

How can a business improve productivity and efficiency? We’d love to tell you technology is the only answer but the truth is it’s about people. Place the right tools in people’s hands and they will operate with greater speed, less frustration, and generate more innovation. For example: you’ve hired a team of carpenters to build your new house that you’d like to move into in 6 months – do you want them to use manual tools or power tools? Which method is more efficient? SkyTerra’s productivity consulting services will help you assess where you have challenges, develop goals, and produce a clear roadmap outlining what solutions and services are the best fit to empower your business and people.

How we can help support your team to be more productive and efficient...

Enable and protect teamwork, anywhere on any device wherever people go.

Provide tools to collaborate with peers, including online meetings and co-authoring documents with multiple people in real time. Provide secure access to apps and documents from anywhere. Microsoft cloud applications can help make data easily accessible, while maintaining high security for sensitive or private data.

Enable people to get more done and achieve greater job satisfaction.

Workers at every level share the frustration of being slowed or stalled by outmoded technology. We'll provide employees with efficient technologies that can free them to get more done—and to be more innovative.

Streamline decision making.

Enable employees to make better and faster decisions based on real-time information. Provide access to the right data in the right place to make quick and sound decisions.

Provide agility.

Activate new applications and services across your business using a scalable cloud-based infrastructure; this can be done completely in the cloud or in a hybrid environment. The days of varying license versions and tools on each computer or device are over. Everyone within the organization can now be working on the same version and be upgraded all at the same time!

Anticipate maintenance needs and avoid unscheduled downtime.

Predict equipment failures before they happen, and systematically prevent them using advanced analytics technologies like machine learning.

Want to see an increase in productivity and efficiency?

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