4 Use Cases of Windows 10 Operating System

Windows 10 Operating System

Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system is designed with the flexibility to grow with your business and suit your needs without the extra fluff. See the main uses for a managed IT service involving Windows 10. 

Shielding From Current Security Threats

As modern security threats grow increasingly stronger, Windows 10 has developed completely new ways to secure your data. New features like Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello make it easier to utilize multi-factor authentication and biometrics. These Windows 10 operating system built-in defenses help protect your business from information leaks and theft while also separating business and personal files. 

Constant Innovation

Because Windows 10 operating system grows along with cyber threats, you are able to deploy your protection faster and more efficiently. The flexibility you need is built into the new Current Branch for Business deployment schedule and Windows Update for Business service. These will not only help reduce management costs, but they will provide control over updates, and provide faster access to security updates from Microsoft. 

Productivity Your Team Will Thrive On

With the simple menus and features, your team will feel like pros virtually instantly. New features like Microsoft Edge and Continuum will offer new productivity enhancements and experiences.

Key Use Cases

Mobile Point of Sale

To build the intelligent devices you need, you need the right platform. Windows 10 is that platform. You can easily enable a mobile point of sale, which will integrate with your internet of things (IoT) setup. 

Seamless 2-in-1 Experience

You can work in desktop or tablet mode on 2-in-1 devices, allowing you to switch seamlessly between type and touch inputs. 

Single Sign On

Have multiple devices? With Windows 10 you can use a single MDM solution to manage your team’s devices. Or you can use a single login across multiple applications like Windows, One-Drive and Office 365 with Azure AD join.

Collaborate and Share

With Windows 10, it’s easy to take notes in Microsoft Edge, and you can integrate multiple devices. Through features like a virtual white board or a smart TV powered by Windows, you are able to collaborate and share notes, files and more. 

Ready to implement the Windows 10 operating system that will grow along with your business, and help you manage devices and files? At SkyTerra Technologies we will assist you with integrating your new operating system into your business and teach you how to get the most out of it. Contact us today or book a meeting to get started.